How to build morale in your business

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People want your business to succeed. With a little intervention, you can galvanise your team, show your leadership credentials and keep the momentum going.

Your hard work is paying off. Your business is gaining traction. People are wanting what you offer.

It’s exciting, but there’s a consequence of your success.

Your staff are scrambling to keep up. Stress and fatigue are rising. Morale is falling. Cracks are beginning to appear.

Your business might be growing fast, but it doesn’t have the luxury of its own human resources department to address these issues.

So, what are you going to do?

The good news is your people want your business to succeed. With a little intervention, you can galvanise your team, show your leadership credentials and keep the momentum going.

Beware of burnout

Long hours, pressure to perform, changing shifts and a lack of control causes chronic stress. Chronic stress leads to burnout.

Burnout isn’t just a performance issue, it’s a moral one. As the business owner, you’re responsible for the care of your staff.

In most industries, smart business owners take the wellbeing of their staff seriously.

If you see signs of burnout in your team, don’t look the other way. Acknowledge the problem. This simple act demonstrates that you care.

More than anything else, you need to listen. Take as much time as necessary to sit down with your team member and work through their challenges with empathy and compassion.

Flexible working

People have lives outside of work. Kids, appointments, problems (sometimes all three). If you can be flexible with how and when people work, they’ll repay your faith with loyalty.

Split shifts, reduced hours and working from home are options many businesses have adopted. Be open to ideas. If the work gets done, everyone is happy.

Build a tight team

Knowing the person next to you cares for your wellbeing helps increase work satisfaction and decrease absenteeism. But care can’t be forced. It must be fostered. And it starts at the top.

Your actions create the culture of your business. If you show compassion, care, and empathy for your staff, they’ll show it too.

Explore your team’s potential

Your staff are a capable bunch. That’s why you employed them. But are you getting their best?

Sticking to tasks listed in a job description can limit the impact your staff can have on your business.

By giving them the opportunity to pitch ideas, lead projects and step outside their usual role, you’re saying ‘I have confidence in you.’

They’ll repay the faith with their loyalty and commitment, and you might just uncover future leaders to take your business to a new level.

Too often, people are seen as a resource, an expense and even an inconvenience.

The truth is that simple acts of kindness and understanding are an investment. Because business is personal.

The relationships you build with your team is what drives your business’s success.

Take care of them and they’ll take care of business.

We have a range of specialists who can work with you to find the right solutions to get you started.

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