Reputation Management

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Reputation Management.

What are people saying about you?

There is a lot of misunderstanding online about reputation management. Some think it’s just social media monitoring, others believe it has something to do with public relations, while others still have no idea how it can impact there business and sales.

At Figure Four Media we urge our clients and explain the role of online reputation management in today’s business and media landscape, and how companies of every size can benefit from having a clear outline of its main concepts.

A few years ago companies were just selling passively not engaging with there audience. People could not express there voice.

 Times have  seriously changed,  today  websites are n longer just Brochures. Content is a must, Regular interactions on any social networks are vital to any business. 


The Size Of Your Business Doesn't Matter.

Yes you heard it hear first, the size of your business DOESN’T MATTER!!! They are talking about you. They are sharing, liking, leaving comments on your social media accounts about their customers experience and much more.

If you think you can skip this or make it without taking into account peoples voices, opinions and reviews think again.

At Figure Four Media we focus on being transparent, opening up to criticism and feedback can be very beneficial for your business.

What Does Being Transparent mean?

• Not hiding criticism and addressing it publicly.

• Establish a 1-to-1 communication channel.

• Asking for feedback

•Allowing employees to talk about products and services publicly.

Why Choose Figure Four For Your Reputation Management?

Unlike other agencies, Figure Four Media doesn’t take the cookie cutter approach to reputation Management. We’ve spent time and money developing unique strategies that are proven to be effective.

We believe our methods speak for themselves and we work to earn our clients business each day through our innovative results driven approach.

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