Social media marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Yes we said it Social Media Marketing (SMM) works!!! 2018 and onward if your business isn’t using SMM your simply leaving money on the table. Leave it to us we’ll put it to work for you effectively, reliably and affordably. Social media is always changing, updating that’s why most common methods of advertising are not as effective as it use to be.

 At Figure Four Media we are constantly changing and adapting to these updates, which means new strategies. Being Digital Marketing experts we are constantly coming up with new and improved strategies for ourselves and our clients.   

Why Choose Us?

Figure Four Media has a mix of knowledge and experience to solve all your business social media marketing needs. Combined with our Social Media Management, Content Marketing and Website Design we focus on pushing your brand to the limit.

We put you in front of your desired customer whether it’s on computer or mobile-friendly websites. Then we develop a social media strategy to promote company, brand, product and services by targeted traffic.

Our Process

Creating A Social Media Plan

The first step of any strategy is to understand want you want out of it. Why are you doing it, who are you trying to reach. Every strategy is different because not all businesses are the same, as well as not all products are the same. At Figure Four Media we think differently, outside the box so to speak, we are constantly coming up with new strategies adapting to the changes of the web. We take pride inthe strategies we do for ourselves and our clients. 

Research your audience

One thing a lot of businesses social media marketers fail with is finding out who are your ideal customers, what do they like, what are there age and which social media platform are they active on mostly. 

Those are some crucial mistakes a lot of businesses and marketers make, that’s what make us different, our main focus is finding your ideal customers so that you get the highest ROI for your business. Call us now to schedule a 30 mins consultation at 868-712-0835. Now it’s time to find you’re approach.

Our Approach

So you’ve decided on your goal and audience and picked the platform that you’re going to work with. Now it’s time to figure out your approach. At Figure Four Media we focus mainly on combining social media marketing with content marketing. When using this hybrid unique approach  we generate great results. Not just for us but our clients as well. Combining these two can play a huge part in your business, building your brand and online presence.

Establish Your Most Important Metrics

While you could have the best social media strategy, it all comes down to metrics. That’s where we are different, we focus mainly on results because lets face it not all strategies perform the same it’s all about getting the best ROI possible. Allow us to assist you in your social media marketing efforts, call us now for a free consultation.

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