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WordPress Web Design.

 Website design is a vital part of our digital agency. We create well-   designed sites that are easy for your customers to navigate, we’re tired of websites that are difficult to navigate, websites that make you just want to pull out your hair. 

A website is where you send people to see who youare and what you offer. It’s the best tool for your business. Whether it’s tru SEO, Social Media or even Youtube. 

There are a few basic things you need when creating a website live on the internet

1) Web hosting- Think about it renting a space on the internet for your business.

2)Domain Name- A domain name is basically registering your business name online (


We offer full service, strategy, implementation and website design for your e-commerce business. We are not a agency that doesn’t understand the process needed to launch a product. Our Marketing process focuses on long game strategies, generating revenue and providing value to our clients consumers.

How we’re different?

•Breath and depth of expertise in the digital and e-commerce consulting.

•We focus more on the Marketing Funnel aspect rather than just marketing a product.

•Experts in both Shopify and WooCommerce.

Corporate Website Design

Your corporate website design is all about making a statement that is crucial to making your brand known and memorable. Through our strategy and design expertise, we design and create an awesome for you and your business.

At Figure Four Media we offer full-service, strategy implementation and website design for your corporate website. Our experience runs deep, we have several different type of websites we offer based on the requirements of your business. From those with there main goal of branding, services or even information heavy, you want it we design it.

 Above all we aim to design a high quality website that supports your business every needs.


Our Websites Include

• Beautiful Website Design

• Website Security

• Website Management Training

• SEO + Google Ready

 • Optimized For Mobile 

• Social Media Integration

• Easy Back-end Management

• Website Hosting

• Domain Name

• Technical Support

Would you like to start a project with us?

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